"Ishqbaaz" aired on Star Plus Channel in India from Monday to Saturday is uncovering fresh mysteries daily.

The Wednesday, 14th December episode begins with the entire family at dinner table. Anika (Surabhi Chandna) is telling the family that as much as she has known Shivay (Nakul Mehta), she had seen that he loved them all very much and when it came to his brothers he could do anything, then why was the family misbehaving with him.

Flashback! Family humiliates Shivaay

Shivaay’s father tells him that he has shamed the family and Tej Oberoi says that it is disgusting how Shivai played with a child’s life and woman’s emotions.Rudra cries and says that Shivaye had broken his faith and heart.

He had always been a superhero for him but now just a villain. He tells Shiva that he was scared of him now.

Om reprimands Shivaay saying that he had always warned Shivaye never to stoop low and how could he do something so inhumane. Shivay tries to stop them, but they leave by saying that not even God would justify his deed.

Shivaay shocked and agonised!

Shivaye is haunted by his family’s words at how he had let them down and Dadi crying that he was her child, her pride and how could he do such shameful deed. Sahil is hitting him with his crutch for causing harm to Anikaa and her stopping him.Sahil fights with Aneeka saying he is not a good boy as he was the reason for her forced marriage when he was not even her real brother.

She scolds him saying that he was her only family, friend and brother.

Anika- Shivaay’s guardian angel!

Anika watches as he tries to talk to his brother’s beside the pool who are discussing his shameful act.

They leave and go, and background song shows Shivaye’s agony.Anika is asked by Pinky to sit for dinner as they were sorry for punishing her for something that Shivaay had done.Brothers misbehave when Shivaay comes for dinner, and he leaves.

Reunion of Oberoi brothers

Anika tells Om and Rudra that they both were his strength and when he had never left them alone in any sphere how could they both let him go.She politely asks them to let his act with her be.

It was between Shivaye and her.Shivaay overhears everything.Brothers go to his room and apologise, after which they hug each other by saying, ‘All for one.’

Precap: Om and Rudra take Anika to Shiva's room and welcome her into the family. She asks them never to leave their brother.