The Tuesday, December 13th episode of Indian TV show "Ishqbaaz" starts with the members of the Oberoi family waiting for the meeting between Sahil (Anika's brother) and Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) to conclude. Monday's episode ended with Shivaay trying to convince Anika and Sahil to stay back in the house.

The scene shifts to the conversation between the two, Shivaay asks the boy what does he wants him to do if he and his sister Anika (Surbhi Chandni) stay at his home?

Sahil puts conditions to stay at the Oberoi house

Sahil puts forward 3-4 conditions including that Shivaay will never hurt his sister Annika.

After some arguments, they both agree to certain terms and come down the stairs. Shivaay declares to all that Annika and Sahil will not go anywhere but stay in this house.

Meanwhile, Omkara and Rudra (Shivaay's two brothers) discuss about asking Annika on why she agreed to marry Shiva.

Anika threatens Shivaay

In the next scene, Shivaye is seen asking Annika about the disabled condition of her brother Saahil and that he didn't know about it. Anika doesn't agree to this and tells him Shivaay Singh Oberoi will know about everything that is happening around him as he is a big business tycoon. She says it is ridiculous to know that you are not aware of a small boys disability at his own home.

Anikaa sternly warns him that if he tries to hurt her little brother or uses him as a pawn, then she will be the last person to tolerate it.

She also threatens him with dire consequences.

Shivaay loses his patience and tells her that this is too much and she must mind her language. She replies to him that he used her as a pawn to save the reputation of his family and now she is stuck in between.

Om and Rudra show video of Shivaay threating Anika to marry him

During this heated discussion, Om and Rudra enter the room, they ask Anika the reason for marrying Shivaay and did their brother blackmail her to marry or used any force?

Annika saves Shivaye here by saying to them that to save the family's reputation she agreed to marry Shivaye. Both brothers don't agree with what she said and tell her to tell the truth. Then they both take Annika and shivaye to the main hall where all of the family members are present.

Rudra then plays the video in which Shivaa is seen behaving in a threatening manner.

Saahil then comes towards Shiva and asks him why he did this and he hits him on his arm with his walking stick. surprisingly, it is Annika who stops him.

Tuesday's episode ends with Dadi and Pinky criticising what he did. No-one is now ready to talk to Shivaye.