What films will you be watching this Christmas? This is a great time of the year to sit down with family and popcorn and just enjoy.

'Home Alone 2' and 'Home Alone'

Kevin McAlister gets what he wants when for two Christmases in a row he is left home alone. While the first film takes place at home, the second sees him wandering the streets of New York. Well for a kid the idea of being home alone would be a dream come true, A mother would be out of her mind. A child, in the end, may discover he needs his parents more than he thinks. In these two hilarious films for the whole family, Kevin shows just how resourceful kids can be when they have to think on their feet.


An elf comes to New York to find his place in the world. He knows he is different to the other elves. When Buddy goes out into the world he discovers that he may be more human than he thinks. He may be like them but it doesn't mean that he knows how to interact with them. You've heard of and seen elves before but you haven't seen an elf like this one, Will Farrell plays the dazed and confused elf who is trying to get to grips with the world.

'Jack Frost'

Jack Frost is a father who constantly disappoints his son. When he travels to a music gig at Christmas rather than being with his family, he gets caught in a snow storm and he crashes his car, A year later he comes back to his son as a snowman.

I think this film shows how hard it can be having a loved one you have lost not be there at Christmas. This film employs childish imagination to help a little boy cope with his father's death

'How the Grinch stole Christmas'

Dr. Seuss tells a story of a miserable creature who hates Christmas. Not satisfied with hating Christmas on his own, he resolves to steal his town's Christmas too.

He is sick of being surrounded by the endless cheer of Christmas, of smiling faces and joyous Christmas carols. Everything comes to a head when he decides to steal of his town's Christmas presents. The only thing that stops him is the children singing,

'A Christmas Carol'

Disney recreates Victorian London in this adaptation starring Jim Carey who plays the title character.

Scrooge gets a visit from Christmas past, Christmas present, and Christmas future. After he has meetings with all three spirits Scrooge changes his ways and is kind for once at Christmas.

'Nightmare Before Christmas'

From Tim Burton`s imagination comes a film about love and the understanding of Christmas. Jack lives in Halloween Town a place with darkness and gore everywhere. It's a place where they give severed heads for presents. I agree on the fact that it isn't a conventional Christmas film, yet it still celebrates the joy people feel about Christmas - how sometimes that joy can be forgotten. Jack reminds people of the joy of Christmas. He makes a makeshift sleigh out of coffins and delivers presents to the children

'Love Actually'

This is more of a RomCom than a Christmas film really.

However, it`s story that is surrounded by a Christmas theme and set at Christmas. It interweaves the story of nine individuals. Among the characters being explored are David (Hugh Grant) a newly elected prime minister, Harry (Alan Rickman) a married man considering an affair and Jamie (Colin Firth) is falling in love with a Portuguese woman who cleans his house. If you are looking for love this Christmas then this is the film for you.

'Miracle on 34th Street'

In this holiday classic based on the 1947 classic, a little girl discovers dreams can come true if you really believe. Six-year-old Susan has doubts about childhood's most enduring miracle Santa Claus. Her mother told her about Santa Claus along time ago, so Susan doesn't expect to receive the most important gifts on her Christmas list. After meeting Santa who's convinced he is the real thing Susan is given the most precious gift of all - something to believe in,