“Strictly Come Dancing” judge Craig Revel Horwood has come under fire from many outspoken fans and viewers of the "More4" panel show “8 Out of 10 Cats,” which is hosted by comedian Jimmy Carr. In response to the comments, an abuse charity is asking the BBC to "get rid of him" from the dance competition show after commenting that he “likes” rape scenes on Television.

They were discussing ‘Game of Thrones’

The “8 Out of 10 Cats” panellists were discussing HBO fantasy drama series “Game of Thrones” when he made the now-infamous remark. The rape scene that Revel Horwood was referring to was a controversial point in “Game of Thrones” history.

Where it usually receives critical acclaim for its darkest and most shocking moments, the rape scene last year was seen by many as the show going too far.

“8 Out of 10 Cats” host, comedian Jimmy Carr, asked Revel Horwood if he watches “Game of Thrones,” to which the “Strictly” judge replied, “No.” He told Carr that he “persevered for the first series until the dragon came on and that’s when I switched off.” He said, “I liked all the sex scenes and the rape and I liked the cleavers through the skulls and I liked all of that, but I got very bored in the end.”

Specifically, the part where Revel Horwood mentions that he “liked” the scene featuring “the rape” has provoked the ire of an abuse charity called Enough Abuse UK, who are calling for the BBC to fire Revel Horwood from the show.

Marilyn Hawes, the charity’s founder, says she was “absolutely disgusted” by his “deeply disrespectful” and “jaw-droppingly awful” comment. Hawes called rape "the most devastating and vile crime," and said that now Revel Horwood has revealed himself to enjoy watching it, she would be led to "question him as a person,” adding that rape victims will be "enraged" by what he has said, which she calls "so distressing" for them.

She posed the question, "How could he say he liked that scene?” as the writers of the show did not include the rape scene for it to be enjoyed. She then called for the BBC to fire him, saying that somebody with this "mindset" should not be allowed to work on a "family show."

The other panellists responded

The panellist to his right, Irish actress Aisling Bea, gave a horrified look before asked if Revel Horwood got “bored” when “they weren’t raping anyone,” clearly outraged by his comment, especially given the nonchalant manner in which he said it. Comedienne Katherine Ryan, who was also on Revel Horwood’s team with Bea, gave a similar look of disgust at his comments.