Venkat Prabhu's new sports movie "Chennai 600028: Second Innings" was released on December 09, 2016. This is the first film to reach the theatres after the demise of "Puratchi Thalaivi" J Jayalalitha, and as a result, the film received a lukewarm response from the audiences.

Even though the movie opened to average attendance, it has successfully captured the minds of people who love light hearted stories based on friendship.

All the actors including Jai, Shiva, Premji, Vijay Vasanth, Nithing Sathya and Aravind Akash acted beautifully and the audience who watched the initial shows today were in full praise for the director.

The prequel to this movie was released in 2007 and was a huge hit at the box-office. This new movie too follows the same pattern of storytelling, and what difference we see is regarding the marital status of the lead stars. All of them are married now, and they face an issue in maintaining their friendship. But an unexpected event turns their life upside down, and they now reunite with full fury in a cricket ground.

Funny narration

One of the primary highlights of this flick is the comic storytelling style by Venkat Prabhu. The director succeeded in tickling the funny bone of the audiences from the very beginning.

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The bonding between the friends has been characterised well. The emotional scenes went a bit overboard, but it cannot be considered a major flaw.

What attracts the audiences more in this film is the celebration of friendship with loads of fun.

Box-office prediction

As the demise of Jayalalitha has affected the minds of Tamilians a lot, theatres are not witnessing large crowds.

But in the course of time, the film will surely find top gear and will recreate the magic created by the original, as it is a tailor-made one for the youth. This weekend, it is expected to collect somewhere around Rs 3-5 Crores.

Public response

Telugu film "Dhruva" starring Chiranjeevi's son Ram charan too was released today in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.