Collateral Beauty

A new film is coming out in the UK on December the 30th and everyone has to see it. #CollateralBeauty is about a man who is at odds with life and the very things that connect us all. When he looses his child Howard Inlet begins to write letters but he doesn't write letters to people he writes them to something more important. He writes to Death, to Time and to Love, Three things that make up the fabric of our lives. Three things that connect us all and no matter what cannot live without.

Death, Time and Love Answer His Letters in Person

Howard will get a visit from each of them as they answer his letters in person. First comes Brigitte/death (Helen Mirren) a stylish American older woman, Would you expect anything less from death than to be in the shape of someone who is older and wiser. Next comes Raff/Time (Jacob Latimore) representing a constant in everyone's life it`s only right that he would appear younger than death. In time we see endless possibility it seems appropriate that he would be younger than Howard. The last comes Aimee/Love (Keira Knightly) she is in everything good in life. For Howard she came in the form of his child. Howard thinks that he has been robbed and feels disconnected from the world, By answering his letters death, time and love will show him that by seeing the beauty in life he can reconnect with life once again.

Collateral Beauty inspired by An Older Story

Collateral Beauty resembles #Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol Scrooge gets a visit from three beings at Christmas his are the past, the present and future. They to like the beings that visit Howard visit Scrooge to teach him the meaning of Christmas. Scrooge like Howard has retreated into himself after the loss of his friend Jacob Marley, But that retraction into himself has made him mean.

Unlike Howard who`s grief has made him not see people. Scrooge`s grief has made him resent every person on earth. Their grief has left both men not embracing life, How could they embrace it when they were so invested with death. The spirits/beings will teach them to leave death behind and look towards life.