"P.O.W Bandhi Yuddh Ke" TV Show aired on Star Plus from Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm. daily takes us closer to the secret held back by the two captivity returned soldiers.

The Tuesday, December 13th begins with Imaan (Satyadeep Mishra) and Nazneen’s (Sandhya Mridul) sangeet ceremony.

Silent eye message is seen passing between Iman and Naaz while he is talking to his buddy. His mother interrupts the conversation and lures him away along with Naaz.

Salim (Suhaas Ahuja) teases his brother. The mother laughingly walks away. In the room, she takes out a ring and asks her son to put it on Nazneen’s finger.

Her mother-in-law gave the ring she discloses, which she was supposed to pass on to her daughter-in-law and since she had not liked Naaz much till now, she had decided that she would give it to her younger son’s wife but her growing fondness for Naaz had made her change her decision.

In the ceremonial room, she seeks everyone’s attention as she proudly announces their ring ceremony and her pride in her son and daughter-in-law.

The episode shifts to Harleen (Amrita Puri) packing her bags

Satpal (Ravinder Bakshi) and Veera (Ragini Sharma) are shown persuading her to take them along. She refuses to say that relationships are not ended like this.

Satpal furiously retorts that had it not been for her, he would not be standing on his feet and he had the right to take his decisions.

She opposes saying that who would take care of Babuji? Satpal is equally angry at his father for taking his brother’s side and refuses to think about him.

Harleen tries to show him his father’s difficulty in having to choose between a son whom he had found after so many years and her.

Sartaj Singh overhears his father and Satpal’s conversation about how they were being forced to take his side but being driven by son love; they had no other choice.

Sartaj remembers his past where he had promised his mother that he would someday become a soldier and take care of them all.

Khan house again!

Ayaan (Imaan’s son) and Naina (Ayaan’s girlfriend) are seen sneaking out to try wine.

Salim and Imaan are shown in a deep conversation where Salim is trying to convince his brother to forget about the letter he had written. Imaan is scared that relationship based on lie never work.

Ayan tries to find a pen knife in his father’s trunk, kept in the storeroom to open the bottle. Grandmother appears, asks him to go back to the party. She finds the letter and takes it with her and reads it.

Salim searches for the letter in the trunk but finds it missing. He rushes to Imaan and tells him about it, who is stunned.