I know that I am not alone in thinking that the adverts are one of the best things about Television during the Christmas period.

Up until this year, John Lewis, Sainsbury's and Lidl were the main contenders for me. But, Marks & Spencer have proven to be the underdogs this year with their #LoveMrsClaus advert.


#LoveMrsClaus tells the story of a very elegant and glamorous lady (played by Oscar-nominated actress Janet McTeer) who steps into her husband's shoes to fulfil a late request made by a seven year old boy named Jake.

Its Hollywood-esque production, planned in advanced, has become a direct rival to John Lewis' Buster - the trampoline loving - Boxer.

#LoveMrsClaus ties in with Marks & Spencers' decision to focus on the theme of 'Christmas With Love' that reflects "time with family" as opposed to its 'The Art of Christmas' advert last year which the chain dubbed a "bit unrealistic".

I am sure that everyone has their own views of it, but to me - this advert explores important topics such as feminism, family values and Christmas spirit.

Girl power

Janet McTee oozes sass, elegance, glamour and sophistication as she proves that women are just as able as men of getting things done. I mean, she even ditches the traditional sleigh (used by Santa) for a more modern helicopter!

The lady in red goes on a quest to finish her husband's jobs, making sure that everyone has a great Christmas, leaving no family unattended.

That right there is the act of a true woman!

Family values

The importance of family values speak volumes in this advert. It highlights that all families are prone to their fair share of squabbles and disagreements, but they almost always make up and find it in their hearts forgive in the end.

Seven-year-old Jake (played by Woody Norman) is the token brother who spends a lot of his time arguing with his sister Anna who's played by 11-year-old actress Ellis Restall over petty things.

Sadly, on one occasion, Jake's dog Tiger eats Anna's favourite pair of trainers.

With Christmas on its way, and in order to rectify the situation, Jake decides to write a last-minute letter to Santa (picked up by Mrs Claus) asking for help to replace the trainers. So, Mrs Claus leaves the North Pole on the hunt for the nearest M & S and picks up the finest pair of red, glittery (Alice in Wonderland style) trainers to give to Anna, saving the day in the process.

Spirit of Christmas

Togetherness. There's a real sense of togetherness in this advert, from the love between Santa and Mrs Claus, to Jake, Anna, Tiger and his parents. It's a feel good advert that really brings joy to the hearts of its audience.


Everything worn, eaten and gifted in the advert can be found at Marks & Spencers so it sells the products well. Those mince pies in particular... I mean, nom nom nom! *insert lip licking emoji here*

What do you think? Does #LoveMrsClaus beat #BusterTheBoxer? Have your say below...