A  "The Walking Dead" 's end doesn't seem to be in the close future: this seventh season is getting an incredible amount of buzz. The premiere and episodes 2 entertained a huge crowd, almost 18 millions, without considering the online platforms and delayed views. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan is the perfect refreshing villain and now zombies are just in the background of this dramatic machiavellic dynamics. With "The Well" we got to know King Ezekiel and this sunday with "The Cell", we find out more about Daryl's fate.

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TWD 7.02 - "The Well"

"Where there is life, there is hope." The second episode focused on the aftermath of the brutal Negan's killing. The group is shaken and Rick's leadership is gone.

The episode is more character- driven and it introduces us to another crazy leader: King Ezekiel. Carol and Morgan are brought to the Kingdom and meet him while he is sitting on a prop throne in an audiorium with a tiger on his side. As the episode continues, we discover that it's almost all fake: Ezekiel is a former zoo keeper that is trying to give people what they want, a powerful leader in an almost fake society. While Morgan seems interested, Carol is disgusted.

"The Walking Dead" 7.03 "The Cell"

The third episode will focus on Daryl. He is separated from the group and he is under the surveillance and control of Negan and his people and he will be taken to the Sanctuary. Will he get free? What are they going to do to him? The episode preview hints at dangerous outcomes and an intense episode.

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Apparently "The Cell" will also explore the dark side of the King Ezekiel's group. This whole group of new characters are changing the narrative.

"TWD" 7x03 Promo:

Have a look at TWD season seven's third episode preview below:

Season seven has begun with such an incredible action packed ride. "The Walking Dead" seems to surprise us more and more, there is no space for boring storyline: Negan and his group are on the hunt. Don't miss my follow-up article about "Iron Fist" and have a look at my previous articles about, the recently released "The Crown" and "The Best 5 Scariest TV Episodes"