Shonda Rhimes knows the art of entertainment: she has created many successful TV Series, some of them are still on air as "Grey's Anatomy" which is ABC's number #1 Drama. Scandal's beginning wasn't the most profitable: the TV show didn't shine at first, but then it gained so much attention and the TV ratings became stellar. In January, Olivia Pope's show will return for a sixth season.

The reasons behind 'Scandal' extended hiatus

Scandal is coming back later this than usual this season, but what are the reasons behind this midseason premiere? The show has been postponed because of a great news for a member of the cast: Kerry Washington was expecting a baby!

Her second child was born in October, 18th and she couldn't handle both the pregnancy and the terribly stressful hours of shooting. She managed to do that during season three ( the production found hilarious ways to hide her baby bump), but this time both ABC and Rhimes agreed on a limited number of episodes and a later debut.

Scandal's episode order, release date and spoilers

Season six will start on January, the 17th. TGIT will return to ABC, after this fall new line-up. The Disney network has missed so much Olivia Pope's advetures: "Notorious" is of the most disappointing new shows and it dragged down "How to Get Away with Murder" as well. "Scandal" 6 will consist of 16 episodes and it will deal with the upcoming elections that includes the former first lady's running for president.

It won't be an easy run: doubts and problems will get on Olivia's way.

'Scandal' season six trailer

Yesterday, ABC released the first official trailer of "Scandal" season six. It seems that this season will include scary explosions, tough confrontations and possibly unexpected Oli/Fitz reunions. We just can't wait to watch the new episodes.

Is the situation going to explode? Have a look at the trailer below:

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