The Walking Dead has one character that has stood out from the rest and it is undoubtedly that of Daryl Dixon. Played by Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon is a strong and one of the finest characters from the Walking Dead franchise. AMC has a lot of zombie series and Darly Dixon is probably is the only character among st them who does not have his roots in a comic book. Not only is he famous for his hairstyle, he is also followed by millions for his crazy character sketch. Unlike other comic book heroes who have transcended from comic books to Television series, Daryl doesn’t have an predefined death since he was never in the Walking Dead comics created by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard which creates an amazing attraction for the viewers.

The character is unpredictable to say the least.

Dwight from the Walking Dead comic book is closest to Daryl Dixon from the TV series

Not only this but according to online reports, Robert Kirkman has also revealed that he has no plans of introducing Daryl’s character into the comic book series.The character from the comic book that comes closest to Daryl is that of Dwight. It was in Walking Dead #101 comic book that the cover showcased a guy equipped with a crossbow, was it Daryl? Well it wasn’t, it was in fact Dwight’s comeback making him one of the most complicated characters of the franchise. Many character traits of Dwight from the comic book are smartly imbibed in Dixon’s character but he still manages to keep a startling difference between himself and Dwight.

Dixon's future is still a mystery

Though Dwight is and has been a comic book favorite, Daryl Dixon’s character is far ahead of his times and he is the charm that keeps viewers hooked to the show. He might or might now follow Dwight’s life journey as though he has a lot of similarities with him, he is not Dwight. We will have to wait and watch if "The Walking Dead" Season 7 which has been the most violent season of the franchise so far follows more of Dwight's life journey or Daryl's character takes a completely different route all together.