On the heelsof the success of a special episode dedicated to the 2016 US elections, rumors are circulating that will and grace will be coming back for a full season 9 on NBCnext year.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the network iscurrently discussing with the show’s creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick the possibility of a new season. There are no confirmations yet but the excitement is sky-rocketing and everybody is in for a possiblereturn of Karen and co.The response in the media and social networks regardinga possible Will And Grace's return has also been overwhelming.

3 reasons why Will And Grace return will be a success

The 90's revival

The return of Will and Grace comes in the midst of a 90's revival trending everywhere from music to movies and fashion. It looks likeWill And Grace has patiently waited to be the right sitcom at the right time before coming back.

The timeless characters

The characters are not constricted byany specific, determining situation and they don't need to fitin a specific age range. This is a reason that makes it harder for Series like Friends to come back: takingthe groupaway from the shared flatand waiter's jobs in order to adapt them to a grown-up situationwould make them almost unrecognizable and not concerning to old viewers. Same for series like Sex And The City, where the actresses are growing too old to portray the supposed lifestyle of their roles.

Provided a great screenplay, the characters of Will And Graceare free tobe themselves at any stage of their lives.

Whole cast and crew

The actors of Will And Grace are not over-exposed in the media and therefore easyto re-associate with their roles years later. Back to Friends, another hard feat to accomplish would be to recast post-success, post-Pitt, post-everything Jennifer Aniston as next-door neurotic hottie Rachel Green.

The four from Will And Grace have kept a relatively low profile so it will be instantaneous for all viewers to reconnect to their popularcharacters.

To quote the adorably funny Karen Walker, saying that this will be a welcomed return would be "like saying Prada’s are just shoes, or vodka is just a morning beverage!"