Netflix has become one of the most watched platforms, thanks to its TV Series and new shows.The online platform is carrying on its new in-house productions. Let's have a look at the 10 most anticipated Netflix TV series that are going to air this fall, the most anticipated sci-fi shows, comics adaptations, returning cult dramas and many more.

Black Mirror, Sense8 and Gilmore Girls new seasons

Black Mirror season 3: the British TV series aired its two seasons from 2011 to 2014. It received a wide critical acclaim and now the third season will debut on Netflix.

It's impossible not to rave for more. It's going to be released on October 21st and it will be shown during the London Film Festival Connects.

Gilmore Girls: a Year in the Life - The Gilmore girls are back after 10 years. The series finale left lots of fans hanging and the seventh season wasn't appreciated as the previous one because of the absence of the Gilmore Girls' creators Amy and Dan Shermann-Palladino. These four new movies will definitely be a must-watch and will try to give to the cult series a proper and perfect ending. Have a look at Netflix's Gilmore Girls teaser:

Sense8 Season 2: Sense8 has created a huge fandom thanks to its heartwarming and emotional stories. We'll watch again Lito, Riley Sun, and the other sense8 starting from Christmas.

Have a look at the Sense8 teaser:

Luke Cage, The Crown are the hottest new Netflix's TV series

Marvel's Luke Cage season 1: Marvel's Jessica Jones was a success. Critics loved it and fans raved for the show starring Kristen Ritter. As part of a The Defenders' plan, Netflix will release the TV show of another defender: Luke Cage.

The character appeared on JJ and was really well received. The show seems action-packed and really full of drama. It will be released on September 30th. Have a look at Marvel's Luke Cage promo:

The Crown season 1: the most expensive Netflix's show, with a budget of $100 million, will tell the story of Elizabeth II and her rising to the English throne.

The cast includes Doctor Who's Matt Smith and Claire Foy. The Crown first trailer looks stunning:

Have a look at The Crown official trailer that was released yesterday:

New seasons of Lovesick, Fuller House and The Fall

Lovesick season 2: Netflix will produce the second season of this British TV series. From Dylan's point of view, we will explore his past.

Fuller House 2: the most successful Netflix TV series will return in December, the 9th. After its first run, Fuller House is ready to entertain nostalgic viewers of the 80's cult Full House with brand new adventures.

The Fall season 3: the TV series is not produced by Netflix, but it will be released on the platform in November. From the Academy Awards winner Jane Campion, the series stars X-Files' Gillian Anderson and Fifty Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan.

The third season looks darker and tenser. It also airs on BBC two. Have a look at The Fall season 3 trailer:

Get Down season 1: Baz Luhrmann TV series is already released, but you will definitely start to watch it, if you haven't. It's an hip-hop saga that wants to succeed where HBO's Vinyl didn't. Reviews have been solid and we are waiting to hear news about its possible renewal.

Iron Fist season 1: we still don't know when it will air, but Iron Fist is definitely one the most anticipates new Netflix production. It will star Finn Jones and it will delve into the peculiar origin of this incredible superhero. Have a look at Marvel's Iron Fist first look:

These are just a small part of the whole Netflix production.

There are lots of other much anticipated new series that will come out after January 2017, like the buzzed Avengers-style The Defenders. Save the dates, or you will likely get lost in the middle of the huge Netflix's releases. Don't miss the follow-up articles with the TV ratings and promos of the first and second week of TV's fall season.