The Trainspotting Boys are back after twenty years, and show no signs of growing up.

The familiar sounds of Underworld Born Slippy give way to a near two minute trailer filled with drugs, sex, violence and a freshly released from incarceration Francis Begbie.

If you remember at the end of the first Trainspotting movie. Renton steals the money from the collective drug deal and escapes into oblivion, promising to “Choose Life”.

What to expect

Set twenty years after the original, Renton is back and it seems that Francis Begbie (Robert Carlyle) his friendly psychopathic friend is still holding somewhat of a grudge against old mate 'Rents'.

Did the aftermath of Renton's deception and theft, result in Begbie suffering a twenty year jail sentence?

Anyway from the trailer it seems that Oscar winning director Danny Boyle has struck gold with the sequel to the underground classic, each character looks twenty years older and yet not twenty years healthier. When you consider that almost all of the main characters are now Hollywood household names. The makeup artists deserve a payrise. Even Ewan McGregor, Hollywood superstar and one time Obi Wan Kenobi looks fully grubby, like an ex heroin addict always should

Inspired by Porno Irvine Welsh's sequel to his own Trainspotting novel, it follows the gang as they attempt to make inroads into the pornography world.

As you can imagine it does not go as planned.

There will behumour, sex, and laughter. There will be violence, betrayal, heroin and a certain Francis Begbie seekingrevenge.

Can the gang of ex junkie misfits work together long enough to pull of a job that will set them up for life? Can Begbie withstand the urge to seek revenge on former friend Renton?

Will we ever truly understand what Spud is saying?

Set for release in January. Trainspotting 2 is guaranteed to be popular, but will it still create the same controversy as the original? Only time can tell

It's great to have you back boys, even if you all still look like you would pickpocket without a moment's hesitation.

Trainspotting T2 Set for Release January 27th 2017