"Throwback Thursday" is always fun for everyone, the pictures, the memories, the new memories in the making. This week, in addition to "Throwback Thursday", Disney Channel has announced that a "Hannah Montana" will be coming back to the popular kids network. Even though the series is not going to do a complete reboot, there will be an ultimate marathon is on the way! Disney Channel will make a comeback and fans both young and old will enjoy watching during this almost month-long airing.

Joys of watching Miley Stewart will return-opportunity to relive childhood

Many enjoyed "Hannah Montana" growing up, watching the characters form and change. They loved watching all of the shenanigans during childhood. Many of those children are now adults and will be able to relive their childhood starting in December. During the "Hannah Montana"marathon, all four seasons of this then popular children's television show will air once again. This means that your holiday season will be filled with Miley Cyrus and her many alter egos.

Stars from the popular show say that they would return

Jason Earles, who played Miley’s brother on the popular 2000’s show mentioned that he would be interested in returning to his role on "Hannah Montana".

This may give Disney some ideas of the next generation of the "Hannah Montana" cast. Other Disney Shows such as "Boy Meets World" have started spin-off series to show lives of the characters years from what we remember them as.

It has been five years since the show has ended

It has been five years since "Hannah Montana" officially ended, but none of the Miley Stewart friends and fans have forgotten it.

Disney has recently stated that this marathon will run from December 3rd until December 29th. So fans, make sure that you have your blond wig and microphone ready to relive the secret pop star life. I'm sure that all fans both newer and older will enjoy this marathon that will be airing right around the corner. Let's all hope that Disney decides to do a spin-off series on this show that we all can love.