A new dramatic prediction, inspired by a “Christian futuristic" thought and a psychological scenario on the third World War coming in the next future due to the contemporary physic, comes from Italy in “Gli Ultimi Soldati” - The Last Soldiers - ( Asino Rosso eBook Edition, www.amazon.com) of Davide Grandi, science fictions' writer. The book is surprising for his vision of the war and the soldiers: humanized soldiers and eco-fighters for a new world of peace. Davide Grandi is known in Italy for a few literary works: the essay “Dio e non-Dio” (God and not God) and other books.

In this our exclusive interview for Blasting News, the author explain his novel that remind the classic and sociological science fiction of Herbert G. Wells (“The War of the Worlds”), the post-apocalyptic film "The Postman," based on the David Brin's 1985 novel and the last space war story of Kameron Hurley (“The Stars are Legion”, 2017),

A space war and peace story on the Earth

BN: Davide Grandi, despite all appearances, may we consider “Last soldiers” as a internal and existentialist science-fiction novel than a space-adventure one?

Davide Grandi - Every writer puts a part of himself into every single works, like it would represent a unique signature, because, in the very same moment of writing, he is not only telling about himself but is trying to infuse into the text a part of his own literary soul that is ineradicable and leaves something into the novel that can be considered eternal.

In this psychological-military romanticized work called “The Last Soldiers”, I did not only put tracks of myself and my own soul, but I also filled it up with spiritual and psychological features of people that I really met during my path on this Earth. For example, my beloved Vudo, a magnificent Alsatian German Shepherd that I used to love so much; he was extraordinarily smart and sensitive.

It’s not only interesting to observe the behavior of people, but animals too, and their psychological reaction in dealing with the several difficulties that life shows up to them. This novel does not want to be just a simple adventure tale, but a reflection about social interactions between people and animals.