Pierluigi Casalino is an author and futurist scholar, endowed with cosmic sensibility. The sense of his new eBook (“The Oracle Day"), Asino Rosso-Street Lin publisher) is what he himself called a bold window on the word, that is a reinterpretation of the universe as a sign of hope that is based on reason and faith in progress. Extract from eBook: “Here is the new International digital book (in english) of the eclectic Pierluigi Casalino, already known as a modern protagonist of the italian futurist revival. This eBook is beyond the usual sociological and political standards and offers us a necessary cultural chromaticism perspective.

So a new edge over the world blooms”. Our review.

An eBook classic and futuristic

The book is pervaded by the humanity of Lucretius, but it is not without the reasons of Providence. The frequent visits of Vico that Casalino does not hide offer us in 'The Oracle Day' a complex and mobile vision of knowledge. The anxiety of Dante's knowledge and that the Supreme Poet put in his Ulysses' mouth, measuring the importance of the idea of the future. In this book, Pierluigi Casalino seeks the depths and finds the indescribable moment that stands beyond space-time. Pierluigi Casalino is in love with the classical culture, which finds the renewed classical Islam in the intelligence philosophical roots.

Pierluigi Casalino embraces futurism just recovering Hellenistic heritage of logic and reason. And the reason, - says Casalino - illuminates the world. The Classical culture is the condition of existence of our time, passing through the streets of anticipatory of Ibn Rushd (Averroes for the Latins), the master so dear to Dante.

West and Mediterranean

In this context Pierluigi Casalino is constantly searching the lost West and the lost Mediterranean, where are the roots of our civilization. East and West are two different realities, but not necessarily separate. A heritage that antiquity has left us with all its questions about the Future of man. The Oracle Day is a multimedia model of the plurality of words.

The Oracle Day is the image of the man of all time, with difficulty, as is told in the myth of Prometheus, lights the flame of knowledge. The myth of Phaeton told by Pierluigi Casalino, along with the narration of how many were able to violate the land limits to go the ends of the universe, is a time of great and high intellectual vitality and rational, despite the difficult reality of the human condition.