The CW airs so many DC's TV shows: "Supergirl", "Arrow", "The Flash" and "Legends of Tomorrow" are the most prominent ones, but it is also home of "iZombie" and the upcoming Archie comics' "Riverdale". Starting from monday, DC's fans will be pleasantly surprised and excited.

The CW: DC's Superheroes Crossover

Next week, the CW will feature a Series of unique episodes: it's going to be "Heroes v Aliens" in an much anticipated and buzzed crossover event. The episodes are based on the DC's "Heroes and Aliens" which will include lots of chatacters of all the channel's TV series.

They will reunite in order to save the people of Earth from an invasion by aliens who want to destroy our planet.

During the battle, heroes and villains alike will come together, as seen by the presence of the brilliant Dominic Purcell as Heat Wave. The four-part miniseries will start on Monday night on "Supergirl" as Kara deals with the powerful and dangerous Dominators, and will go on with Tuesday’s episode of "The Flash", where Barry will reunite once again with the woman of steel, and Wednesday’s "Arrow" and Thursday’s "DC’s Legends of Tomorrow".

The Dominators' Story

The four episodes are based on a series called Adventure Comics, which was created in 1967 by Jim Shooter. He started this DC’s anthology series which tells the story of these Dominators who are part of an alien empire known as the Dominion.

Their society is a strict caste in which their social status is marked by the red circles of different sizes on one’s forehead. They are cruel and calculating: these aliens are incredibly intelligent and can master genetic manipulation. This dangerous art can help to develop their abilities to aid in their conquests. The CW apparently has draw inspiration from the "Invasion" three-part miniseries in which Todd MacFarlane worked on these characters.

Have a look at the latest trailer of the CW's superheroes crossover "Heroes v Aliens":

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