When Season 6 of FX's horror TV Series American Horror Story (AHS) aired on September 16th (airing September 18th in the UK) the show's fans were incredibly anxious, nervous but most of all excited about what was going to be this seasons new theme!

Over the course of the year FX released new little snippets of their year's theme to AHS S6 and to say the fans were going mental was an understatement. FX released so many different little clips it just became unbearable for fans everywhere who are so attached to the show.

Speculations were running wild and there were many "themes" being mentioned and thrown into the wood works.

But, no-one was 100% sure since no matter how much they tried to piece the snippets together, no real theme was being presented to them with each clip all being so different each time to the previous one released.

FX sent fans into melt down guessing AHS S6 theme

Here is a full video demonstrating each snippet that FX put out over the course of the year for fans to trytheir hardest to guess the theme to this years season:

After watching that nearly 4 minute clip it's not hard to see why fans got themselves into a flap over what was due to come! With each clip being so completely different to the next themes such as "slender man" "anthology" "the children of the corn" and "forest",were all being put forward as suggestions to the theme.

However, none were right. The FX producers kept everything incredibly well hidden and even had the cast under strict instructions to give nothingaway. Many tweets appeared online before the show aired getting much closer to the theme then they were actually aware of:

Speculation, frustration and excitement were all sorted however when the show and its theme hit screens on September 16th and all was solved.

The theme was announced and people were making their own judgments and speculations already.

My Roanoke Nightmare

Roanoke was the new announced theme for AHS S6 and everyone was pretty shocked! However, towards the end as previously spoken about the speculation of Urban legends is mentioned anyway! So, someone was onto something just before the start.

But, no-one anticipated the harshness this season would bring. Roanoke is, as you guessed, not a light, heartfelt urban legend and when you actually read up on this to look at it away from the representation on the show you learn a lot about when and how this legend came about, also why.

The show itself had an interesting start, demonstrating a couple moving into a house built on land based on Roanoke island which is sacred but this is something that is completely unknown to the owners of the house and they move in blissfully unaware of what is going to happen to them.

Now, if you've seen the show up 'till episode 5 you'll know the way this has gone, you'll know that in pure American Horror Story style there has been some truly gruesome deaths!

But, episode 6, just when you think you've gotten to terms with the theme and you think that perhaps it might have come to a standstill suddenly, it throws you completely in the opposite direction.

Return to Roanoke

Episode 6 goes into a theme that hasn't actually been done on any of the previous seasons before. It starts turning the documentary they made on the couple living in the house in "My Roanoke Nightmare" at the beginning of season 6 and pairing them up with the actors that play them within the documentary throwing them into the Roanoke House during the time of the Blood Moon when things are meant to send everything into melt down. With around the clock cameras recording evidence episode 6 is like an episode of Big Brother!

Which I'm sure the horrors will come out for,

With appearances from just a few of the shows favorites, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates and Lily Rabe, you see a different take on each actor individually and see that their acting skills have no measures!

So make sure you tune in at 10pm every Friday on FOX to catch more of the AHS S6 twist!