In just 2 days time the annual fireworks event at Alton Towers begins!

Every year Alton Towers celebrates November 5th with a massive display of fireworks.

The display itself can last up to 20 minutes which consists of so many fireworks you feel pretty deaf afterwards when it's done! However, that doesn't matter, for you've just witnessed a beautiful display of colours, songs and excitement. What more could you want. This year the event actually lands on the real date of Bonfire night too, Saturday November 5th.

Alton Towers fireworks

To begin with, the displays were considered as too disruptive to the people living around Alton Towers itself, so of course complaints were made and shows were restricted from 5 to 3 times a year.

However, in 2006 the fireworks display got branded Electric Towers but unfortunately became discontinued. 2010 marked the 30th anniversary of Alton Towers itself and ever since then the fireworks has become an annual event! Every year, people flock to Alton Towers to watch the big displays of fireworks that happen yearly.

The Theme Park

On these days the theme park stays open till 9pm on both the 5th and 6th, giving people more of a chance to experience the fast rollercoasters within the park itself! This however puts a much different aspect to certain rides within the park like Thirteen, Nemesis and Oblivion. Thirteen being a scary ride going through the woods, Nemesis flying you through the sky and Oblivion dangling you over the edge and plunging you into darkness.

Everything becomes more creepy and atmospheric in the dark.

The fireworks display is set by the famous Towers using that as the backdrop joined with music, lasers and of course an amazing display of fireworks!

So if you have no plans head over to the Alton Towers website; book your tickets!