How skeptical are you? How much to you really believe in ghosts, paranormal activity,poltergeists etc.? Well, if you like all things paranormal the place to be this Halloween, Monday 31st October, is over on Really joining the "Most Haunted" team at HMP Shrewsbury for this years haunted and spooky event, which I'm sure is bound to leave fans and admirers of the show completely speechless!

'Most Haunted' & the team

Having first aired on TV in May 2002 over on LIVING TV "Most Haunted" soon became pretty well known for all things ghostly and all of it's paranormal activity that occurred.

The crew itself, which still in 2016 consists some of the shows absolute favourites; Yvette Fielding, Dr Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell, go on multiple investigations throughout the year looking for sitings that can confirm their beliefs and hopefully get video evidence to support their findings.

Having stopped airing on LIVING TV in late 2010 "Most Haunted" took a 3 year break from being on TV where all the cast took a lot of time out for themselves, doing their own things and just trying to rebuild what they once had over on LIVING TV. "Most Haunted" then came back with it's own online edition starting back up again on October 31st 2013 and finally, returning on Really in August 2014 with another 10 episodes for a returning season 15.

The team now consists of; Yvette Fielding, Dr Karl Beattie, Stuart Torevell, Fred Batt, Glen Hunt, Gregg Smith and Eamonn Vann-Harris. The new and improved show now does not have a Psychic walking round with them on the show like before and a lot of things are done so much differently.

Halloween LIVE! Specials

Now, as fans will be aware this is not the first time that "Most Haunted" have done a Live event for Halloween, but they seem just as excited for this as they have been for the others.

A few examples of the live events are; "Blair Street Vaults", "Niddry Street Vaults" and "Mary Kings Close! " This all happened during 2006 in Edinburgh and also the notorious "Pendle Hill" live investigation in 2004.

All the above shows sent fans into meltdown with what went on in them and did give the show huge support from their fans, withpoltergeist activity even harming a few of the cast members during these events and scaring them for life, mentally and physically.

So fingers crossed "HMP Shrewsbury "lives up to the teams and fans expectations this year for the live event.

So! Make sure you tune into Really at 10pm on Monday 31st October for what I am sure will make your Halloween that much more exciting and spooky! And in the words of Yvette, "until next time, sleep tight"