FOX loves reboots and resurrections. After 24's and X-Files' comeback, the network will soon welcome back one of its most famous 2000s cult: Prison Break. Let's recap the spoilers and have a look at the previews.

Prison Break is coming back

A Prison Break return was not expected. The fan favouite 2000s TV Series ended on a kind of tragic note with the death of the protagonist, Michael Scofield. When the news broke in 2015, people were wondering how the writers would handle this complicated situation. FOX has resurrected The X-Files in January, and they are trying it again with the Scofield's brothers, so they found a way.

The show will air again on FOX between January and spring 2017.

New Story

During the May Upfronts, FOX released new spoilers and trailers of the upcoming fifth season of the show. Sara and her son will find out that the presumably dead Michael is kept captive in a Yemen's penitentiary. Can she and Lincoln save him? Writers confirmed that there will be an explanation for this unexpected resurrection of the main protagonist.

Dominic Purcell Accident

Unfortunately Dominic Purcell who stars as Michael's brother Lincoln had a dangerous accident while shooting the show in Morocco. His nose was hit by a set piece was dislodged. Her wife Rebecca Williamson and the crew brought him to the nearest hospital in Marrakesh and then flew to Casablanca.

In the end, everything turned out just fine: Dominic Purcell is a badass as his character in the TV series.

'Prison Break' Trailer

The preview is shocking: not only the hype is rising, but also we just can not believe that the cast hasn't aged at all. Wentworth Earl Miller III looks just the same. Have a look at Prison Break Season Five Trailer:

The beginning is just heartbreaking and then Robert Knepper's T-Bag appears, and it feels like home again.Midseason is becoming more and more prominent for the release of new buzzed TV shows. Don't miss my follow-up article about the upcoming '24 Reboot: Legacy'. FOX just can't get enough of its old glories.