Will & Grace: The history of television

Will and Grace was an amazing TV show that aired from 1998 to 2006. The Series finale aired in May 18th, 2006 and it went off air after eight amazing seasons. The TV show along with the cast won 16 Emmy Awards, had83 nominationsand obtained many Golden Globes,as well. Megan Mullaly, Debra Messing, Sean Haynes and Eric McCormack became stars. There are a huge crowd of fan in the world, raving for more episodes or for a movie and we didn't see that coming. It's impossible not to catch up with an encore of one of the 194 episodes of the show.

Will & Grace reunion on the American elections

During the night before the presidential debate, a special 10 minutes video was released on Youtube. The main protagonists Will, Grace, Karen, Jack along with Rosario returned for this special mini-episode set in our days. They are joking on the upcoming election, Dancing with the stars, Katy Perry and it feels like home again. Even if Karen Walker is a supporter and Donald Trump's friend ( she helped him to choose Melania, after all), the main cast wants to raise awareness in favour of the democratic candidate: Hillary Clinton. If you think that Rosario wasn't part of the reunion, you are wrong. The incredible ended the video with a special quote: 'talk about a basket of deplorables'

Will & Grace video of the reunion

The set is the same, the cast doesn't seem to age like every human being..

and the magic around Will and Grace is eternal. In the latest days, there were lots of news about this special reunion, and even Debra Messing and Eric McCormack tweeted teaser videos that created huge expectations. In the age of Netflix and the TV cult and classic shows' return to Television or online platform, we wouldn't complain for a movie or a mini-season of these crazy and hilarious group of middle aged friends.

I have to admit it: it was an emotional reconnection with a group of 'Friends' I have missed so much. We will be happy for what we had. It has reached more than 1 millions viewers in 15 hours. Have a look at the Will & Grace video reunion:

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