The new season is about to start. There are plenty of returning TV shows and new TV Series that are going to entertain us on broadcast and cable TV in the autumn and winter months.Some of them will last, others will likely get cancelled. You will need to select what to watch! Here is my guide to the 10 most anticipatednew TV Shows of Fall 2016. It's a list that includes two hot new comedies, a political drama, a familydrama, an horroradaptation, a comics' drama on a Marvel character and various sci-fi shows that will air on HBO, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and The CW.

Milo Ventimiglia, Kristen Bell and Kiefer Sutherland return

This is Us. After Parenthood, NBC is getting ready to welcome its next family drama: This is Us. It' s the story of a group of people whichall share the same birthday's date. The trailer anticipates (a naked Milo Ventimiglia) lots of tear-jerking and emotional moments. We definitely need a genuine family-drama hour.

The Good Place: what if you wake up in heaven, but you don't belong? Kristen Bell returns to broadcast TV with a new comedy with Ted Danson. The Good Place will be written by Parks and Recreation'sMike Schur. The show seems funny and witty enough to enter in the category: Must- see comedy. Well, at least give Kristen Bell a chance, have a look at The Good Place's trailer:

Timeless: it's a sci-fi drama that will premiere after The Voice.

It has a Doctor Who's vibe and it will revolve around a group of people that travel back in time in order to save the future of the planet.

Designated Survivor: Kiefer Sutherland is back. After Touch, he will be the protagonist of this drama which is set after a nuclear explosion. Sutherland's character is obliged to become the president of the United States.

The cast includes Nikita's Maggie Q. The storyis interesting but tricky. Will the writers be able to handle such a complex story? Have a look at the Designated Survivor's first look:

Fear Luke Cage and The Exorcist

Marvel's Luke Cage: it's the third Marvel series on Netflix and it will be focused on the character of Luke Cage, exploring his past.

If you have already loved him on Jessica Jones, you can not miss this one. Have a look at Luke Cage's trailer:

The Exorcist: it doesn't seem as an exciting reboot of the movie, but if you are an horror maniac, you have to give a chance to this new version of the famous movie. It stars Sense8 Alfonso Herrera and Geena Davis.

Pitch: the pilot has been praised by the critics as one of the best new TV show. The pilot tells the story of the first woman to play in the Baseball League.

HBO: Hopkins'Westworld and Sarah Jessica Parker's Divorce

Westworld: Jonathan Nolan's new sci-fi thriller will finally debut on HBO. The story follows the event a future theme park full of robots and crazyness. Academy Awards' winner Anthony Hopkins stars as Dr.

Robert Ford. Westworld's trailer looks intriguing. Have a look:

Divorce: Sarah Jessica Parker returns to TV and to HBO, 12 years after Sex and the City's series finale. Don't expect another incredible Carrie Bradshaw, Frances is a down-to-earth future ex wife that has to deal with.. divorce. A weekly dose of SJP is always needed. Divorce's trailer looks fantastic:

Frequency: this is a TV show that will likely be a hit or miss. It is based on the eponymous movie and it will tell the story of Detective Raimy Sullivan that is able to communicate with her father whodied in 1996. Drama, butterfly effects and complications are expected.

These are the 10 most promising new TV series that will start this fall. Don't miss the follow up article with the 10 hottest new seasons of TV series that are returning this fall.