There are a lot of TV Series that are coming back onTV along with new TV shows. Last season ended with lots of plot twists, cliffhangers and many questions that left us hanging. After introducing the 10 most anticipated new series, let's recap the best shows on air and which season premiere you should definitely watch next week. You will find broadcast TV series as How to Get Away with Murder, Empire and Netflix shows as Sense8, Black Mirror and the much anticipated new "season" of Gilmore Girls.

Empire and How to Get Away with Murder finished with a murder

Empire: Season 3 of the most successful TV series of the latest years will definitely answer to a question: Who is going to die, Rhonda or Anika? We can' t wait to watch how the Lyon's family will handle all the new problems they are facing.

How to Get Away with Murder: Season 2 ended with the murder of Wes' natural father and Frank's disappearance. Will Annalise find peace? From the trailer, she just seems full of troubles. Have a look at How to Get Away with Murder season 3 trailer:

Jane The Virgin's and Crazy Ex Girlfriend's protagonists will face life- changing decisions

Jane The Virgin season 3: Season 2 ended with Michael getting shot!

Will he survive? Jane the Virgin season 3 trailer looks so sad. Have a look:

Crazy Ex Girlfriend season 2: Season 1 ended with Josh realizing that maybe he doesn't want to continue his relationship with Rebecca. How will she handle the breakup? We can't wait to find it out. Have a look at Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 2 trailer:

The Flash and Gotham will get darker in season 3

The Flash season 3: The CW's most successful series will start in October.

Barry will have to fight against a frightening enemy: Reverse-Flash, after he abruptly changed the past. The trailer of The Flash season 3 looks thrilling:

Gotham Season 3: the show will be a lot darker and it will feature lots of new enemies: Marina Kyle, Selina's mother and Bruce's döppleganger will be introduced. Joker and Fish will return.

The much anticipated new seasons of Black Mirror, Sense8 and Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Black Mirror season 3.Black Mirror doesn't follow TV's common rules and each episode is brand new and totally crazy. Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve and Gugu Mbatha-Raw and will be part of thsee new 6 episodes. Have a look at the new Black Mirror teaser:

Sense8 season 2: we all loved Sense 8 season 1. It was a warm, emotional and crazy run and we can not wait to watch more. It will debut on December, 25 with the first episode. A character was recast: Aml Ameenwon't return and Toby Onwumere will take the role of Capheus.

Gilmore Girls: A year in the life. Gilmore Girls is finally back. We are raving for these new 4 movies that will take us back to Stars Hollow.

It will follow a year in our favourite mother's and daughter's life, starting with Winter. Have a look at Gilmore Girls new teaser: ( We just missed Lorelai too much)

Supergirl changes channel.

Supergirl season 2: we can't wait to watch all the new episodes, not only because it now airs on The Cw, but also because it will feature Superman. Tyler Hoeclin has been cast as Kara Zor-El cousin.

That's it. Lots of new seasons will entertain us during this fall. Some of them will get back on air after years like Black Mirror and Gilmore Girls, others will need to mantain their quality in season 3 like Empire and How to Get Away with Murder. What will you watch? Don't miss the follow up article with the 10 Most Anticipated new movies of this Fall.