It is quite tough to believe that Actors actually want retirement to pursue a career like the ordinary people, because we all consider acting a fun-filled job. Apart from that, it provides endless opportunities to earn both fame and money. Most importantly it gives one the chance to see all parts of the world as enthusiastic travelers. For the actors we are going to discuss here, age has never been the reason for retirement. Most of them have been so frustrated about the activities related to the acting job. Some other reasons include getting offers of low-quality roles and no career growth.

So, let us begin the countdown.

Ilan Mitchell-Smith.

If you ever got the chance to watch the film Weird Science, then you know who Ilan Mitchell-Smith is. This movie’s story revolves around two nerds who try their best to find girlfriends but fail. Then they decide to create a woman and enjoy every small moment of life. It is the film that helped Ilan reached the heights of success. Later on, he made the headlines with works in Heads Will Roll, and Moon Warriors. These days, he is recognized as a university lecturer. Being a graduate of English, Ilan got the chance to become an English tutor at California State University. He announced his retirement back in 1991.

Lark Voorhies.

This retired actress has long dominated the hearts of her American fans.

She was born in 1974 and first made an appearance in 1988 in TV shows. Her performance as Lisa Turtle in Good Morning Miss Bliss is unforgettable. After this, Lark worked in movies like How High, Civil Brand, and The Next Hit. She received the Young Artist Award two times, and nominations for other awards from 1989 to 1993.

Nowadays, Voorhies is not doing acting. She didn’t announce her retirement but since 2012 sh's been away from the world of glamour. Reportedly, Lark is very involved in writing and publishing her books. She is a publisher of books titled Reciprocity, Trek of the Cheshire, and A True Light.

Gene Hackman.

Gene Hackman (originally Eugene Hackman) was born in 1930.

This Californian celebrity showed a lot of interest in acting during his high school days. Surprisingly, he achieved his dreams and made incredible appearances in Bonnie And Clyde, Superman: The Movie, Unforgiven, Enemy Of The State, The Royal Tenenbaums, and others. Because of his exceptional works, Hackman won several awards including Academy Awards, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award, and one SAG award. Reports revealed that nowadays this celeb is working as a novelist and journalist. He has so far written several fiction novels and sold many copies on Amazon and eBay.

David Lascher.

Born in New York in 1972, David Lascher needs no introduction. He remained a top actor during the years between 1989 and2002.

It is true that he made abrief appearance in a 2014 movie but David has kept himself away from the showbiz industry. His best roles are in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Blossom, Melissa & Joey, and Hey Dude. Lascher tied the knot withJill London and now works as a producer and director. According to Lascher, he quit on acting because he wanted to give more time to his wife and two kids.