Best known for his roles inNo Country for Old Men(2007) andSkyfall(2014), the award-winning actor, Javier Bardemcould be portraying Mary Shelly's iconic literary creation, Frankenstein's Monster. He is in talks to appear in an upcoming Film in Universal Studios series of classic monster films, which will all be a part of a shared cinematic universe.

Accomplished actor.

As evidenced from his filmography, Bardem is a very accomplished and versatile actor. It will be very interesting to see what Bardem could with the famous character, if he takes on the role.

Frankenstein's Monster has appeared on-screen countless times over the years, so audiences will be expecting something completely unique and refreshing, but faithful to the source material at the same time.Varietyreports that it is not yet known which film would feature in, asThe Mummyhas almost completed filming.The Mummywill star Tom Cruise and Russel Crowe, and the film will be the second instalment in the shared universe, following the poorly receivedDracula Untold(2014).

Previous role offer.

Javier Bardem had already been offered the role of Dr Henry Jekyll inThe Mummy, but turned down the opportunity, which paved the way for Crowe to take on the role. Bardem's decline was most likely due to scheduling conflicts, as he is currently filming Darren Aronofsky'sDay 6, which is set to hit theatres next year.

Also, he will be playing Captain Salazer inPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies.

Release dates.

Universal Studios has many monster films scheduled for release up until 2019, with several more release dates yet to be confirmed for other planned films. As we can only speculate at this point in regards to how and when Bardem would join the series, it is a possibility that he could feature in the plannedBride of Frankensteinfilm.

However, what is certain is that Universal's new series hosts a range of talented actors, and it will be very exciting to see how they interpret the classic monsters. Only time will tell if Bardem will provide his acting talents in Universal's series.