Jolly LLB which starred Arshad Warsi as a lawyer going against the loopholes of Indian law was a well received Bollywood movie both in terms of box office collections as well as critics review. Jolly LLB was released way back in 2013 and starred Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani and Amrita Rao in lead roles. The movie had proved to be an underdog as no one had expected it to create news like it did. Not only did it prove to be a sleeper hit, it also won the National Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi in the year of its release. The only legal franchise film focuses on the legal system of India, its loopholes, and wraps it in a subtle humor which is laughable and thought provoking at the same time.

Akshay Kumar replaces Arshad Warsi

While the first installment was a breath of fresh air, its sequel Jolly LLB 2 will have an important change in the cast with Akshay Kumar stepping in as the hero of the film. This change is interesting and refreshing since Akshay will be seen as a full-fledged lawyer character for the very first time in his long career. No doubts in guessing that the Khiladi of expressions and action will nail this one too.

Akshay tweets his first Jolly LLB 2 shoot photo

There were a lot of rumors and reports speculating if Akshay is in fact the part of the movie or just doing a cameo. Clearing the air Akshay Kumar himself tweeted a picture of himself in the look and also announced the release date as Judgement day 10th February 2017.

He plays a lawyer based in Kanpur and just like the first film, Jolly LLB 2 will also showcase a high profile legal case, though the details have been guarded for now.Akshay in his tweet picture appeared to be dressed in a black coat and had a tilak applied to his forehead proving that his character is most probably a Desi, down to earth common man striving for justice.


Right now Akshay Kumar’s Rustom is creating waves through its trailer and his die-hard fans are awaiting its release. For now we can only wish Akshaythe very best for his upcoming release and await more news on the Jolly LLB 2 production.