Jamai Raja has been going through a lot of plot changes lately. Jamai Raja which is Zee TV’s flagship show is reportedly supposed to have a long 20 year leap on the show which will result into a lot of new faces joining the cast.

This also means that the actorsfrom the current cast who are not comfortable with the idea of playing an aged character will call it quits just like Nia Sharma did.

Jamai Raja says good bye to Nai Sharma

Nia played the pivotal character of Roshni who was the male lead Ravi Dubey’s wife. Apparently Ravi Dubey is rumored to be continuing even after the leap as Siddharth Raj Khurana’s (which is his current character) son.

According to online reports, Nia was not ready to age so much onscreen so early in her career and also the fact that 2 years of back to back shooting for the daily TV show had started taking a toll on her. There were even rumors about a miff between her and the producers which resulted in her walkout from the show but recent reports have cleared the air and showcased the real reason behind her exit.

Nia Sharma will be surely missed by Jamai Raja fans

Jamai Raja die-hard fans will surely miss Nia Sharma’s portrayal of Roshni. Now that she has left the show, we will have to wait and watch if the makers decide to replace her with some other actress or her character will be done away with altogether with sudden death.

On the new entrants’ front, Moulli Ganguly is said to have joined the Jamai Raja cast to play the role of Rhea’s elder sister Payal who is said to be dominating and attention loving character.

Quite interestingly Jamai Raja had a 2 year leap just 2 months back which resulted into Roshi and Sid’s separation. Looks like the viewers did not like the 2 year leap so much which resulted into makers roping in new faces through a long 20 year leap and freshening up the feel of the show.

For now all we can hope is that Jamai Raja viewers like and accept the plot changes that will follow with the leap and wish Nia Sharma the best for all her future endeavors.