Nick Jonas comes back with a great song featuring Tove Lo.The artist announced his next album to be called “Last years was complicated” and we should trust him, last year was realy complicated for him because it was the year he and Olivia Culpio broke up after 2 years of being together.

Actor, composer, and former Disney celebrity, Nick Jonas, teased his fans via Instagram on March 22 about his new song. And now we have the title track called “Close”, a song made in collab with Tove Lo and we already have a great Music videoto watch.

Launched today, the music video already has almost 300,000 views and let’s not forget that Youtube doesn’t show always the real time views, and we know that Nick Jonas has lots of dedicated fans and the song will definitely become a great hit this year!

The new album is called"Last Year Was Complicated" and it’ll be released on June 10. The artist said: “I’ve been making this record for a year and a half, pouring everything I have into it.”

Nick Jonas has an impressive career, which he built little by little. Now, he's a grown up man ready to put his soul o the table for his newest album. He declared that he worked a lot on this album, especially with his emotions. Judging by the title it’s not hard to understand that Nick Jonas had some hard times and now he’ll express everything with his music.

The title track “Close”is a song that talks about the fear of getting close with someone. It makes you think a little about how many people are in love and what beautiful stories they could create but they’re too afraid to even start it.

Also, the music video suits the lyrics perfectly. An amazing contemporary moment with Nick and Elsa Nilsson(Tove Lo) as a couple aka dancers that will melt your heart and maybe, just maybe, remind you of Sia-Elastic Heart.

Looking forward to more great songs to come and you can check here the complete song list of Nick’s newest album that he tweeted on 24th March.

You can see that he collaborated with known artistsas Tove Lo, Ty Dolla $ign and Big Sean.

1 Voodoo

2 ChampagneProblems

3 Close feat. Tove Lo

4 Chainsaw

5 Touch

6 Bacon feat. Ty Dolla $ign

7 Good Girls feat. Big Sean

8 The Difference

9 Don't Make Me Choose

10 Under You

11 Unhinged

12 Comfortable

You can see that he collaborated with known artists as Tove Lo, Ty Dolla $ign and Big Sean.What do you think ? Will you buy the new album? Tell us in the comments.