The 17th episode of the 7th season of 'The Vampire Diaries', which was directed by Julie Plec, was focused on the Salvatore brothers, especially Stefan, that Damon tries to save. This episode was all about emotions and the blood ties of the two brothers that, despite their mistakes, can not live without each other.

Stefan's soul in a human body

Do you remember when Alaric tried to resuscitate Jo and put the soul of a vampire in her body? That's what happens to Stefan, after being trapped in the Phoenix Stone and after Nora and Mary Louise destroyed it.

According to Rayna, all entrapped souls sought a body to occupy, whether human or vampire.

In the beginning of the episode of 'The Vampire Diaries', Stefan wakes up next to a bus on fire, thinking that he is in the Phoenix Stone. He saves a few victims until rescuers and police arrive. That's when he discovers that he is in the body of a drunk human, who was driving the bus, and he is handcuffed. He manages to escape and throughout the episode he suffers the consequences of being human: abstinence, because he is in the body of an addict, pain because he is injured, hungry and cold when he gets lost in the woods in the middle of a snowstorm.

Although he is in another body, is Paul Wesley that we see through the episode.

Only when he sees himself in the mirror, we can see his current face.

And who is in Stefan's body?

Damon discovers that is another vampire in the body of his brother. Rayna and Alaric discover that the vampire is a serial killer that was a psychopath even before becoming a vampire. Rayna reveals that almost all the trapped vampires in the stone were very dangerous.

Alaric, Valerie, and Steroline

Valerie captures Rayna and enlists the help of Alaric to save Stefan, giving as an argument that this would be Caroline's desire, who left the city to protect the children. They came aware of Stefan's location and tell Damon. When the huntress finds out who is in the vampire's body, she runs to hunts him down because he is very dangerous.

In a conversation, Valerie ends up confessing to Alaric that she knows that her relationship with Stefan will not last, hinting that he has not forgotten Caroline. Ric confesses that he fell in love with the vampire and therefore proposed to her, knowing that she accepted only because of the girls and the return of her ex-boyfriend can complicate things.

Salvatore Brothers

After knowing the location of his brother, Damon seeks him relentlessly. In a phone conversation, Stefan ends up confessing all his negative feelings towards his brother that abandoned him and was selfish, not only in the last three years but almost all their life as vampires. This is a very intense conversation that will thrill all who appreciate the relationship of the Salvatore.

"I'm walking. Do you want to know why this is so hard? Because, eventually, I'm not going to be able to go on. And when that happens, I don't believe you'll be there", tells Stefan to Damon on the phone while he's walking lost in the snow. As he talks about how it is to be human again, the Salvatore remember some moments of their childhood, before Stefan falls unconscious in the snow.

Damon ends up finding his brother, but they are now in a race against time because the body begins to reject the vampire soul, as happened to the “false” Jo, in the beginning of the 7th season.

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