After the winter hiatus, the well-known TV Show, The Vampire Diaries came back. This time, on Friday. Despite the rumours of moving the low rating shows into Friday, TVD writers made an incredible script for the new episode.

Pay attention! If you haven't seen the episode, you may know from now that this article contains spoilers.

Before Christmas, we had not one but both Salvatore brothers imprisoned in the Phoenix stone. The Phoenix stone creates a personal hell, making the person trapped inside live the same day over and over again and the only way out is to let yourself drowned by the pain.

The pain of seeing your loved ones suffering and realise you're alone. The Benett witch(Kat Graham), Bonnie uses all her powers to bring the brothers back and it looks like she got out Damon(Ian Somerhalder) at first. But after some scenes, we realise that everything is happening in the phoenix stone, everything we saw was actually Damon's hell.

The ending has a brilliant turn out. We have the scene with everyone gathered together, Bonnie, Stefan(Paul Wesley), which know is likely the first who Bonnie managed to get out, Matt and Caroline. Bonnie struggles to get Damon out of hell, but in his personal hell, we see another side of Damon. We see a caring Damon for who ever thought, for his mother!

His hell represents the pain he struggles with because he couldn't say goodbye to his mother. Exactly when he has the chance to say it Bonnie get him out. And that's the point when the veritable hell begins. Damon is crushed. He wants back and the only way to recreate the day is to kill everyone so he did. But surprise, the episode ends with his friends dead by his hands and a confused Damon and it looks like the day doesn't start over again.

The question is: is he still in the Phoenix stone? Is this the last stage in hell? Or was this reality? And he really killed everyone? Earlier in the show, we saw scenes with Alaric and Caroline happy together with the kids but now, Damon practically killed her and her kids. So the reason should be that everything we saw was a Phoenix stone projection.

In fact, a lot of characters died already. How can they make a show with just one Salvatore brother? Or is this the way to wrap up and cancel the show? Thinking again, the show is popular because of Damon. The bad boy Damon from season 1 that every fan misses could come back after this crimes. Of course, if he really killed everyone it would look like the writers wanted to end the show sooner on a very sad note. But having a show with just Damon isn't a bad idea after all.

Don't feel down, they're all alive! Of course, this was all happening in the stone. If you don't believe me, watch the promo for episode 11 and start making other questions. What happened into Stefan's hell? And where is Enzo? Fans want to see Bonnie and Enzo together, as a couple!

Don't forget, The Vampire Diaries runs from now on Friday. Come back next week to Blasting News UK to see the review on the next episode!