After a lot of fans dropped the show due to Nina Dobrev leaving the cast, the creators of The Vampire Diaries struggled to get high ratings like they used to. In order to make people keep watching the Show they introduced the heretics, which practically stole the highlights, literally, they’re now on the posters, while fans still have a hard time memorizing their names. With the hope that all the heretics will die sooner or later or at least leave our lovely town, Mystic Falls, new couples arrive in the show!

Flash forward to the future, where it looks like Caroline and Alaric end up together.

Who ever thought that? Judging by the fact that Caroline suffered a lot in the past with her ex-lovers and now with the Stefan-Valerie-unborn child drama, the idea of putting Care and Ric(played by Candice Accola and Matt Davis) together doesn’t seem so bad. Alaric is a protective man and Caroline wants stability, she had too much drama. But "drama" is the favorite word in this show. Because the latest episode delivered us the greatest bomb: the Gemini Coven didn’t cast a spell do destroy themselves, but to save the family! The spell they cast at Jo’s wedding was actually (according to Valerie) a spell to protect the next generation of Gemini Twins. We don’t know how they did it, how it’s possible, but they’ve put, or transferred the twins into Caroline!

How can a vampire have kids? It’s great news to know that Alaric will have his happiness by raising his kids, but everyone knows that vampires can’t procreate but quoting by Damon Salvatore, they love trying.

Another bomb is another couple, also unpredictable but so sweet. Three years from now scenes showed us Bonnie and Enzo kissing with passion and everyone wondered how the hell is this possible?

We do know that Bonnie(Kat Graham) seems very sad these days for being alone, but Enzo(Michael Malarkey) is in love with mama Salvatore. And no one seemed to actually see the chemistry between them. That until the party that Lily is throwing in hope to make peace with her sons. Bonnie and Enzo are coming together at the party, as dates and Bonnie, out of nowhere is fixing his tie, right under the vigilant eye of Lily.

The purpose of that scene was obviously to make Lily jealous, but the way Enzo and Bonnie looked at each other, the way she rolled her eyes when he left, made the fans forget for seconds about the new bad boy Jullian, about the chaos created by the heretics, about everything bad. Hooray! We have a new couple and they’re awesome! It was about time to have a new couple in the show.

There are so many questions that need answers. Will Caroline become human? Will Enzo ask Bonnie on a date? But how can they develop feelings for each other if in the previous episode they were fighting? Valerie and Stefan will become a thing again? And how much longer are the heretics going to stay in the show? Hopefully, some of these questions will have their answers in the next episode on November 19th.