Season 6 of AMC The Walking Dead has until now 4 episodes and the creators already made us cry like little babies.

The season starts with Rick's insane idea to ,,tempt" all the walkers in one place and burn them but, of course, some bad guys will destroy the gang plan. We still don't know what's the deal with the ,,W" guys or from where the Walkers appear. Is already season 6 and no one knows how this virus or what it appears. Or why Rick's gang is just running around that forest. Six seasons of filming in a small area and still thousands of walkers appear.

Attention, I will not say the name of some characters because there may be some viewers who haven't watched the news season and we know that everyone hates spoilers. Especially when it's a life and death situation. But all these questions are doomed. Becuase episode three of this season made the fans questioning their ability to process any longer. Lots of fans expressed their anger on Twitter saying that after the third episode they'll quick watching the Show. Long story short, The Walkers caught one of the main characters, but we're not pretty sure if that's true.The theory of conspiracy spread quickly on the internet and every fan shared their opinion.It is dead or not? It looked like episode 4 will answer all of our questions but no, AMC decides to put a filler.

So an entire episode we see the untold story of another character which is quite new in the show. Great story but the timing was wrong! After practically killing the main character but not actually showing if it becomes a walker or if somehow the character escaped, the creators decide to show something else. Not even Rick's wound at his right hand was not explained.

Of course, is not the first time when the fans have lots of questions but no answer. And The Walking Dead makes us wonder a lot because it didn't really follow the story presented in the comic books. For example, in the comic books Carol is long dead and Andrea still alive. It may be just a trick to makes us more curious to watch the show or they just wanted to follow the fans wishes, because Carol proved to be a badass woman.

Episode 5 will air tonight and don't forget, season 7 is confirmed! Prepare yourself for more confusion and not answered questions!