[Image]"Leonardo DiCaprio" by Falkenauge at the German language Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

In September 2015, Leonardo DiCaprio joined a coalition of thousands to push for an end to the use of the fossil fuels that are contributing to global warming.

Leonardo’s efforts to improve the future of our living planet goes far beyond this one-off commitment. Apart from his other foundations he also supports 11 organizations that directly work to preserve the natural resources of Earth.

Global Cool is a fun site that is helping people to live a green life by killing off the concept that only weird bearded activists can live green and enjoy it.

They promote ways to live green without losing out on the fun of life.

Global Green is busy greening communities, bringing sustainable lifestyles to people and their environment and focuses on global warming issues.

IFAW is doing a fantastic job with a global reach that aims to protect Animals and habitats. They focus on endangered species such as the rhino.

Leonardo’s own foundation works with other organizations such as National Geographic Kids to help preserve the ecological diversity of our planet.

With over a million members, this organization is working towards making China go green.

They are primarily involved in pushing for legislation to protect the environment.

Across the world, the reefs of the oceans are facing a crisis. Reef Check works globally to bring the sustainable use of reefs to local communities and research ways to conserve this vital resource.

From grassroots to the global community this organization is educating people about global warming and pushing for solutions.

There are not many gorillas left in Africa so the Gorilla Organization works with local African communities to save the species.

Looking out for the green future of Los Angeles, Tree People works with communities to use trees to beautify the city and improve living conditions.

Wild Aid works to raise awareness of the threats to endangered plants and animals on the planet and work hard to gain support for conservation of the earth’s resources.

The highest ideal of man living in harmony with Nature is the prime objective of this organization. They address urgent concerns that face the natural species of the world.

Everyone can help

Leonardo is dedicating time and resources to these very worthy organizations, but he is not alone. Millions of people work alongside him toward a common goal. Everyone and anyone can join Leonardo by supporting some the great causes that he stands for.