This has been a good year for kpop. The comeback of the kings of kpop, an asian female rapper debuting in US and many relantionship announcements. Yesterday was SHINee's turn to impress the world with their comeback.SHINee is a kpop boy band formed by SM Entertainment. Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin made their debut in 2008 and they're known for songs as Replay, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer and Sherlock. Their latest song is called Married to the Music and they released the music video yesterday. The surprise is that in less than a day, the video already passed over one million views!

SHINee usually make fun music videos with bright and colourful costumes and energetic choreographies. So this time, it is no surprise that we see again funny costumes, fuzzy hair and even some creepy things happening in this music video. Also, they're known for showing off how much Michael Jackson influenced their style. High pitch notes, elaborated choreography and the quality to make an all kill with everything they release.

The music video seems like a big prewedding party with some sort of horror funny scenes. Because the party they're at looks more like a circus show in which everyone loses some parts of their bodies, as in a nose, lips or eyeballs. A typical teen life music video, a let's have some fun idea transformed into a funny music video for a great song.

If you're a kpop fan you do know how many sacrifices kpop idols need to do to pursue their career so we can say that they're all married to the music.

Just as as expected, SHINee is blowing away the competition with Married to the Music.This is the title song of their repackaged 4th album with the same name. The album contains new songs such as Savior, Hold You, andChocolatewhich were ranked high as well.

Soon the boys will appear in tv shows to sing this new song live and we'll definitely see SHINee winning a lot with this song. Let's look forward for this band. Tell us in the comments if you enjoy watching the music video for Married to the music.