If you’re a kpop fan you already know how big Big Bang is, but, over the years this boy band gained fame more than any other kpop band. Even if they paused activities for years, this year they made an awesome comeback. This way, since May they’re releasing news songs on every 1st day of the month. This time is August and the guys needed something awesome to beat the great party songs released before. This time, their label YG Entertainment shook lots of hearts by announcing that on August, Big Bang will continue the group’s MADE series with the sub-unit GD&TOP. The duo is formed by the two rappers from Big Bang. G-Dragon, the young, cute and charismatic leader and TOP, one of the manliest and mysterious man known in kpop history with a gaze to fall for in seconds.


They’re both known for their rapping skills but also for how often they goofy around. Almost 5 years ago this duo made a huge hit with songs as High High, Oh Yeah or Baby Goodnight.   

Finally, our wait  is done, well, almost. The last 2 MV's were released! Big Bang released a Music video for the song Let's not fall in love and the sub-unit GD&TOP released Zutter, which means ‘Freaking Awesome’, and trust us, it is freaking awesome.  

While Let's not fall in love is obviously a love song, a cute ballad to melt our hearts, Zutter is the living proof of the awesomeness that the two rappers GD&TOP possess. 

While Let's not fall in love is a light music video, presenting love stories, cute couples and mixed feelings upon relationships, friendship and even broken hearts on the other hand, Zutter presents us two bad boys almost killing us with their flow.   Since May, the band  dropped a series of new tracks on the 1st of every month to complete the “MADE” album.

The album will be released in September, the month when we can finally say that the wait is really over. This was definitely BIG BANG year. Every kpop artist knows how hard it is to compete with Big Bang, but having them active in the music for so long was hard for other kpop bands. Maybe in South Korea bands as EXO, Infinite, SHINee or SNSD won music shows, but on the international market and especially online, Big Bang was the name of this summer.



Each part of the MADE series has contained two songs thus far. Today, BIGBANG came out with the ‘E’ series. Unfortunately, these are the final releases. Now, we can just press the replay button on the songs they released and hope that we don't need to wait another five years for the next comeback.

Check Let's not fall in love music video right here!

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