About a decade before spy movies became mainstream, MattDamon and Paul Greengrass joined forces to do the impossible – get ahigh-profile actor to do an action movie with enough twists and action scenesthat would humble even the James Bond series. This collaboration resulted in the highlysuccessful Bourne trilogy (2002 – 2007) which redefined the spy movie genrethanks to the excellence of Mr. Damon in the role of Jason Bourne, a secretagent who’s lost his memory, and the high quality story evolving around him.

The trilogy was a big hit, but up until the end of 2014 itseemed likely that Bourne Ultimatum might be the last movie in which we saw Mr.

Damonand Mr. Greengrass working together. However, every fans’ wishes came true lastfall when Mr. Greengrass finally announced that he would return with Mr. Damon for thecurrently untitled Bourne 5 movie.

The announcement started an avalanche, so to speak,with actress Julie Stiles also announcing her return to the franchise,reprising her role as covert agent Nicky Parsons. In Ultimatum she became JasonBourne’s most valuable ally, and with her assistance the protagonist finallyput an end to Operation Blackbriar, after he exposed it to the public.

Besides Mr. Damon and Ms. Stiles, other names have come upas potential new members of the franchise. One is Alicia Vikander, who playedthe artificial intelligence in this year’s pleasant surprise movie, ExMachina.

However, it is almost certain that other familiar faces, such as Joan Allen’sPam Landy, will show up in the movie. But what about the villain?

If rumours are true, Universal offered that role for ViggoMortensen, who is well known for his role as Aragorn, the main hero of thehuman race in the Lord of the Ringstrilogy. Although he appeared in successful movies like Eastern Promises, On The Road,  and most recently, Far From Men, which all were acclaimed by critics, he is stillremembered as the King of Gondor from theLord of the Rings.

If he accepts the role, he would play an assassin who’stracking down Jason Bourne, and it would be really interesting to view how he fares as a negative character on the screen.

As of now, Mr. Damon and Mr. Greengrass are writing thescript along with Christopher Rouse. Shooting may begin this fall, and themovie itself would arrive at the theatres on July 29, 2016.