Every girl dream is to have a memorable wedding day, sharing the moment with her loving family and friends. But what could be more memorable on that special day than meeting your idol, even if this means tying the knot in a parking lot? This month, a true Swift fan arranged her whole wedding to take place in the parking outside a Taylor Swift concert. Yes, you read that correctly! She didn't care about luxury, limousine, white doves and flower arrangements.

Fortunately, her sacrifice paid off as the newly-weds were quickly ushered backstage to meet the 'Love Story' singer.

"I have no words to express last night!! My two dreams came true!!!", posted the happy bride on Instagram. Katy Harris and her fiancé Chris Eisenman swapped "I dos" in the less glamorous location of the Lincoln Financial Field car park; the venue of Taylor's Philadelphia Show on her 1989 world tour. They shared the moment with a crowd of Swifties, friends and family members, including Kate's brother, who performed the ceremony.

Instead of going straight to their wedding reception and enjoy a great party and a champagne toast, the couple decided it would be better to spend their first night together as a married couple watching Taylor Swift's performance on stage. But their wedding outfits were a bit of a give away.

The unmissable pair was immediately spotted by no other than Taylor's mother, Andrea. She quickly pulled the young couple backstage where they were introduced to her daughter and were able to take photos with the superstar - Taylor even gifted them with a handwritten note on blue paper.

After such an emotional event, the bride shared some wedding photos on her social media account.

"Last night was a dream sequence. Instagram, meet my new husband Chris and our new friend, Taylor!! ", wrote Kate. Just three days before the wedding, on a preview post, Kate revealed her plans to hold the ceremony outside Lincoln Financial Fierld. In front of her online friends, she declared herself obsessed with Taylor since she first heard her sing in 2006.

She also said she feels blessed for having such an understanding husband, who has become a fan of Taylor too. "Chris has been very supportive and could even put most girls to shame going word for word on any of her albums. I can't think of a better or more fitting way for us to celebrate this time in our lives-I am on cloud 9!", declared Kate.