After Jeremy Clarkson had been given the boot for assaulting a producer, everyone was expecting to see what happen to the Clarkson-Hammond-May trio and if they would ever be together for a 'Top Gear' episode. And now we finally have an answer: on Sunday, June 28, it will be issued the last episode of the British series of the BBC "Top Gear." According to the Guardian, the episode will last 75 minutes with the famous trio of presenters: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

To remember that Jeremy Clarkson was discharged last March from BBC, after having allegedly physically assaulted the producer of the program.

Before being fired, they recorded some episodes, so now all the fans of the show can have one more "Clarkson-Hammond-May moment".

Jeremy Clarkson's departure was controversial, especially for the fans, who saw it as their idol. Although there has been talk of some of Clarkson's unacceptable behavior, the fans of the series do not have already recomposed themselves of the abrupt end and that's why the idea of joining in one episode some of the sequences already recorded with the "trio wonder" is a fantastic idea. The episode will be issued on BBC2 on June 28 and is expected a "boom" of audiences, taking into account that this particular episode will be an official farewell from Clarkson, Hammond and May to the fans.

After the BBC's decision to fire Clarkson, many names have come forward, as their replacement. Chris Evans, is the first official name after several speculations. The presenter of BBC Radio 2, has signed a contract of three years, to present the series alongside other two that have not yet been announced. Reportedly, a presenter will be chosen much like the talent show "X Factor", where all the fans can participate in the casting.

From what was said several times in the press, Clarkson, Hammond and May were a "package" so they would not be separated. When one leaves, all the others leave. However, James May was seen to be shot outside his home and there are already many rumors that did not come out of the series and may even come to assume the role of Clarkson as the main presenter.

The premiere for the new season of "Top Gear" is scheduled for 2016, with enough reserves from the fans. The BBC itself admits that renew the series will be a "big challenge"