They have been BFF's for years and their close friendship has been, many times, subject of speculation. There were even rumors that the longtime besties had secretly married. But in his most recent interview, on New York radio station Power 105.1 FM's The Breakfast Club, Ed Sheeran clarified everything.

"No!" was the answer Ed gave when asked if he's ever tried to hook up with Taylor, his beautiful longtime friend and collaborator. "Why, not your type?" asked the host. "She's too tall" replied Ed.

The Thinking Loud singer continued: "I don't know man, I feel like we would look like the cast members of The Hobbit.

She's like in the elven kingdom, the type of girl hanging out with Galadriel and I...I've got hairy feet." said Sheeran.

Also, for those who don't remember, in a past interview Ed Sheeran himself confessed that he does not believe he is Taylor's type. He explained she only dates tall guys with brown hair and dark eyes, the attractive type of male. While he considers himself too chubby, ginger and blue eyed.

The 24 year old singer declared he first met Taylor Swift professionally when they were writing songs together and they ended up being best buddies. The superstar also admitted he enjoys their platonic relationship, describing the experience of having a female best friend as "healthy".

Reportedly, the day before this interview, Ed accompanied Swift on a date with her current boyfriend, DJ Calvin Harris. The three of them were spotted having lunch together in a club called The Spotted Pig, in New York City. Taylor and Calvin Harris were linked as a couple after the BRIT Awards in February. Since then, their relationship has been making headlines, after more than one red carpet appearance together.

Sheeran has nothing but good words about Harris, saying that "he is a really nice guy". He's been getting to know him for "over a year". He also added that there are still a few nice guys in this industry.

Now that things have been clarified, what is your opinion: would Ed and Swifty make a cute couple?