Months ago, Taylor had a beautiful love story with the lovely One Direction member, Harry Styles. Nobody expected that he could break her heart but he eventually did. After the break-up, there were months 'Single Taylor' stories. Taylor Swift is known as a singer who does actually write her own songs, which seem to be inspired by her own life. Her relationship experiences, whether good or bad make her the music artist she is today, and someone who has a loyal fan base. 

It became clear for everyone a while ago that it was time for the singer to be finally be single and to enjoy her life alone with no 'boy dramas'.

Her latest album 1989, with sales so far  of 1.287 million, describes perfectly what people say about her life. She always kept her head up and smiled back to her haters. What better way to show them you’re doing just fine than with a song? The single 'Shake It Off' is living proof that the singer doesn't give a damn about the bad words people say about her, and most importantly, everything that happens in her life is inspiring her to create more music. 

Now it seems Taylor has a new muse and this time it is the one and only Calvin Harris. In March this year, photos of the two stars surfaced the internet and made everyone wonder if they could be more then friends.

Recently, Ed Sheeran, Taylor’s BFF said on Heart Radio that he gives the new couple his approval . The singer said "He's cool.

He's a really nice guy, yeah, really, really nice guy."

           We thought that Taylor has given up on love after her breakup up with Harry in 2013. Now it seems she is ready for a new chapter in her life with Calvin. Since photos of those two dating spread, people are wondering when will she take the next step and write a love song about him, too? It surely can't be too long before it happens! 

We have still not had an official statement from either party - meaning it could still be hearsay, but we think that the superstar DJ and the curly country girl make a very cute couple. What do you think?