Ariana Grande's feminist Twitter proclamation has been met with loud support from other Celebrities, including pop singer Taylor Swift. "I'm so proud of you, always. But especially today", tweeted Taylor, who adhered to the feminist movement since her 1989 album last fall. In her message of support, Taylor highlighted Grande's quoting of famous feminist Gloria Steinem: "She will need her sisterhood."

This Sunday, Ariana took to social media to speak out against gender discrimination and double standards. She took this decision after her interview with the British tabloid the Sun, where she denied having a romantic relationship with One Direction's Niall Horan after she was seen leaving his house at 3 a.m.

In her Tweet, the 21-year-old singer addressed the way women are seen in society when it comes to dating and relationships. She declared herself indignant for being referred to as Sean's ex, saying that a woman is not a man's past, present or future possession or property.

Ariana reminded everybody of an article written by Gloria Steinem in 1969 titled: "After black power, women's liberation". She expressed her disappointment and sadness, saying that "we're still not quite there yet!" but she hopes one day this world will become a place where people are valued for their own individuality instead of their social and relationship status. She also recognized the important role the mass media plays in society's views of women's condition and asked for their help to spread the word.

She pointed to the importance of helping and supporting each other. She explained how important is for women to be independent, saying they should never feel the need to have a man by their side. She gave herself as an example saying she has been by herself for a few months and never felt more present and satisfied with her life.

In the end, she wanted to thank her fans for all their support, for accepting and celebrating her as an artist and as a person since day one.

No doubt, Ariana's powerful statement made an impact, receiving more than 27,000 tweets in less than two hours. What are your thoughts on Ariana's views about the double standards between men and women?