Everything started two years ago, when Taeyang shoot the Music video for his singe 1AM. That time, the press speculated that his friend and fellow member of Big Bang, G-Dragon and rumoured girlfriend Kiko Mizuhara made these two meet.

Fans noticed the chemistry between him and the actress and they were not wrong. It seems they've been dating since then. Various witness accounts have come up online spreading the news of them dating, but only after two years of dating they decided to say the true.

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin were caught up in dating news and their labels: YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have confirmed that the rumours are true. Yang Hyun Suk, YG CEO, said that "after asking Taeyang personally, it's true that he's dating Min Hyo Rin," while JYPE said "it's true they're dating.

Please look upon them kindly."

The funny part is that Taeyang always promoted himself as a single guy and even admitted he never had a Relationship. Statements like this made the fans worried as he grew up and everyone can agree that he is good looking. So why wouldn't he be in a relationship? In South Korea, Celebrities are often asked at radio or tv shows which celebrity they like and Taeyang was chosen by many female celebrities.

The boss Yang Hyun Suk even joked that "Taeyang has said until now that he's been single his whole life. Even fans were starting to get worried. Taeyang is filming 'Sketchbook' right now so I couldn't speak [with him] for specific details, but I'm happy for them," he added.

Even if the media had several news about a possible relationship between them, Taeyang was always private with his life. But it seems that fans were more than curious to find out what kind of girl could win his chocolate abs, I beg you pardon, what I meant was heart, his heart! Fans gathered by their own evidence, which were pictures from social media of the two celebrities wearing couple items.

The downside is that, in kpop, admitting a relationship is not doing good to the label. First of all, a lot of fans tend to throw mean comments because they're somehow disappointed in their idol choice, or their jealousy is too powerful.

But for sweetheart Taeyang, the odds are in his favour, because the internet is reacting pretty well to the news.

A lot of them congratulated him and the main reason is that it's the first time they hear he finally has a girlfriend and they're happy for the new couple. Even so, stocks went down for YG Entertainment but they're getting back to normal so that shouldn't be a problem for a long time. YG is known as a label that doesn't get into idols private life, protects and encourages them.

Also, the surprise wasn't only the fact that Taeyang always said he was single. The fans started joking because Tayeang's real name is Youngbae and he's 27, while actress Min Hyo Rin is 29. Jokes as "he is definitely a young bae" or he can't sing to her the new song "bae bae bae" because she's older than him.

Congratulations to the new couple and let's hope for more great news to come from the kpop world. Not many idols admit when they're in a relationship so a little more positive attitude is welcomed.