Hugh Jackman is finally calling it quits. After reprising his role for almost 20 years as the most popular mutant of all time, the immortal Wolverine armed with the adamantium steel claws, Mr. Jackman has repeatedly confirmed that Wolverine's third solo movie, that's coming out in 2017, will be his last one as the iconic comic figure.

Of course, a lot can happen between now and 2017, the proposed release date of Wolverine 3, and Mr. Jackman may reconsider his decision to leave as Wolverine. But as of now it's a safe bet that from 2017 we'll see a younger version of the hairy mutant.

The rejuvenation of the X-Men franchise has already begun with Matthew Vaughn's First Class (2011), and it continued in Days of Future Past (2014). In the following instalment, Apocalypse, we'll get to see only the young versions of Professor X, Magneto, Mystique and the others, and there's a remote chance that we get a cameo from Mr. Jackman himself.

Although Fox Studio may not want to cut ties with Mr. Jackman, who has brilliantly played Wolverine throughout the past 14 years, the actor is not getting younger, and after a while he wouldn't fit into the young cast, no matter how the stylists work on him. But Mr. Jackman has also said that he sees new opportunities for himself, that is not connected to the Marvel comic's hero, that helped him to make a name in Hollywood.

So the decision could also be mutual when it comes to saying goodbye.

One of the young actors who could replace Mr. Jackman is none other than Kingsman: The Secret Service's actor Taron Egerton, who is also a good friend of Mr. Jackman. Although Mr. Egerton acknowledges that he would need to get grizzlier, to remain true to the character, he could envision himself as the Wolverine one day.

Mr. Egerton was already rumoured to join the X-Men universe, initially in the role of young Cyclops, which ultimately wound up going to Tye Sheridan (Mud). Still, Mr. Egerton hasn't given up on his dreams, although as everyone else, he also knows that Mr. Jackman has plenty of time to change his mind about hanging up the adamantium claws.

Mr. Jackman could return to the big screens in the aforementioned X-Men: Apocalypse and also in the Deadpool movie, both yet to be confirmed, before getting his last solo movie, Wolverine 3 by director James Mangold.