Hugh Jackman fans have time till 2017 to see their favourite hero as Wolverine. The actor has formally announced that Wolverine 3 will be his last instalment; the Film is currently under production and will hit theatres in March 2017.

Jackman announced that the upcoming Wolverine film will be his "last one". He has been associated with the super hit franchise for the last 17 years and realized that "it was the right time to do it." Jackman confirmed that the success of Wolverine was beyond his expectations and he had never thought that it would last this long.

In his official announcement, the actor thanked his fans and the makers to have given him the opportunity to play the role.

Jackman promises that the 3rd instalment will have many surprises and he plans to make it out of the world. He revealed his decision to quit the series at Dr Oz show, recently. The actor's decision to quit the film which has been a mega hit for more than a decade has sent shock waves among his fans. Most fans have expressed their surprise via messages on social media. In Dr Oz show, Jackman said that the time was right for him to quit the film.

The Australian actor, 48, has been a massively popular superhero who has been the face of Wolverine and X Men series, for more than a decade. Loyal Wolverine fans have always sworn on Jackman's consistent and magnetic presence in many sequels. 
He was recently in news when the paparazzi caught him showing his well built body while holidaying at a beach in Hawaii.

Wolverine is a superhero inspired by the American comic books.

The character had instantly hit the fancy of the audience and none of the films ever faced failure at the box office. The news Jackman deciding to do away with his claws has saddened the fans all over the world. The popularity of Wolverine was mainly because the film was dubbed in the native languages and distributed in various countries across the globe. The actor has announcement retirement from Wolverine franchise but has not mentioned if he has plans to retire from the X Men series too.