Being a celebrity doesn't mean your life is always easy. Touring with your band is exciting and fun, but at the same time, it means being away from your family and friends. For Ariana Grande, her dogs are part of the family, so instead of leaving them home, the 21 year old pop star has been taking her pets with her as she travels around the globe for her Honeymoon Tour. Only that a few days ago, after a performance in Amsterdam, Ariana and her mother found themselves in a difficult situation as their furry companions were prevented from getting on to the ferry which was supposed to take them to Dover, UK.

Her mum Joan Grande wrote about the incident on Twitter, accusing the officials in Calais of being tyrants. She said she was refused access to the boat despite her showing them the proof of dog's vaccinations. Also, she complained about the way P&O Ferries employees treated her.

She said there were many attempts to stop her boarding the ferry. First, the manager told her the dogs are not allowed to enter the boat inside a bus, even a private one. So she found some good people who allowed her to get into their car with the pups. Second, the dogs needed to be transferred in a travel crate, so she quickly went to the bus and took the dog's crates. Back to the car, when she thought the nightmare is over, she was informed that the dogs need travel tickets.

Despite her buying the tickets, their access was still not allowed, because the anti-echinococcus vacccines were not written on the original paperwork, but on separate documents which they have received from a vet in Milan.

Seing there's no way to make them understand, the poor mom took the pups and drove all the way to Ariana's bus.

As she was recounting the story, their bus driver came in a hurry, saying there were men outside who wanted to arrest her. She quickly got out of the bus trying to explain, one more time, that all the paperwork was in order and there's no reason why the dogs can't get on the boat. Suddenly, one of the officials hurled a truly terrifying threat.

According to Mama Grande, he said that if she is going to take the dogs with her, when they arrive in Dover the Animals will be killed. When Ariana heard what he said about killing the dogs, she almost got herself arrested. She would not stand to have anyone make threats towards her beloved Toulouse and Sirius. Fortunately, her brother Frankie came and calmed her down. He spoke with the officials, saying that he will go with them and try to solve the problem. So he took the dogs, got into the police car and after 14 hours, he managed to bring the pups to London, after a veterinarian from Calais provided him with two European dog passports.

Thankfully, the situation was solved and Ariana could continue with her tour.

But things could have ended really bad. Johnny Depp has found himself in a similar situation when the Australian authorities threatened to euthanise Depp's Yorkshire terriers, after the actor failed to declare the animals to customs when they arrived on a private jet. He was forced to send the dogs back to the US.