You may not remember, but Alexander Rybak is that guy who has the record of the most votes on Eurovision Song Contest. He won the competition in 2009 representing Norway. His song, Fairytale, written and composed by him, had the highest tally any country has achieved in the history of Eurovision - 387 points. Who would have ever thought that the young Belarusian-Norwegian guy would win with such a big number of votes? Well, his talent wasn’t in vain. He is a singer, composer, violinist, pianist, writer, actor and presenter. Did we mention that he is a big fan of Disney Movies, Lord of the Rings and LEGO?

After a great success with Eurovision, he gained a lot of attention from all around the world, however, this year we haven’t heard a lot from him. That is, until now, when he released his first Russian composition. The song is called Kotik, Kitty in English and is a love song about a girl which Alexander describes as a cat. The song has a Music video and of course it involves girls dressed as cats! The music video was filmed in Moscow and is a very sweet one. So make sure you check it and press the repeat button because Alexander’s songs are not jut a one time audition.

Rybak's trademark is also in this music video. The violin, the catchy beat, beautiful girls and choreography. Even if you don’t understand what he’s singing about, you can see it is a love song. Can we ask for more? They say music is the language that everyone understands so take your cat ears and dance along.

You can also watch Alexander Rybak in the clips from the show One to one.

It’s a show that provokes the artists to imitate others. Alexander participated in the Russian version of the show and his impersonations weren’t the easiest. He had to dress and sing as Dima Bilan, Enrique Iglesias and even Conchita Wurst! He placed 2nd in the final and he proved once again what a versatile artist he is and what a great voice he has.

This guy has a million dollars smile and always cares his violin. Watch the music video for Kotik/Kitty  and wait for more news from this amazing artist. 

 This year, Eurovision Song Contest was won by Sweeden with the song Heroes  by Mans Zelmerlow, which made 365 points. So close to Alexander's record, but still so far away.