With millions across Britain and the rest of Europe preparing themselves for the glitz and glamour of another Eurovision night, our Commonwealth allies Down Under are looking forward to their first foray into the competition. Guy Sebastian will represent Australia as they attempt to snatch the crown on the 60th anniversary of the musical extravaganza.

Aussies love Eurovision

Australians first and foremost love the event. They have tuned into the annual (mainly) European Music festival each year in their millions, mimicking the Party feeling that many other countries express.

Abba became huge celebrities in Oz, perhaps more celebrated that they were in any other country in the world. Many fans could probably recite the words to the Swedish mega group's 1974 Eurovision winner "Waterloo" in their sleep. Try to drag them off the stage when "Dancing Queen" comes on and you may be fighting a lost cause.

Perhaps their inclusion as an entrant into the competition was only a matter of time, despite some no doubt questioning their qualifications, being so far distant from many of the countries involved. They will however fully embrace their participation and have clearly decided to give it a good go, not knowing if this is just a one-off - as the event celebrates its 60th anniversary - or not.

Who is Guy Sebastian?

So just who is Guy Sebastian, their debutant entrant? The 33-year-old was born in Malaysia and has a proven pedigree in music competitions in his adopted country. The singer-songwriter was the original winner of Australian Idol back in 2003 and is now a judge on Australia's version of The X Factor.

In his homeland his records have sold by the bucket loads (in excess of 3.7 million copies), with his six number one singles marking him out as unique among Australian male artists in the country's chart history.

Multi-platinum sales are common in his musical career, with his debut single "Angels Brought Me Here" being the highest selling track of the decade in Australia. Another of his popular tracks "Battle Scars" has gained top-five success in Norway, as he has looked to extend his popularity overseas.

Sweden start as favourites

Whether or not Mr Sebastian's rendition of "Tonight Again" will be popular enough with the notoriously 'fickle' Eurovision voters is up for debate.

The smart money seems to be on Sweden this year, as one of their top stars Måns Zelmerlöw croons a track called "Heroes". It seems to tick all the usual boxes necessary for success with the critics, although the voters may think differently.

Failing that, Italy look likely to go close with their trio Il Volo. They could appeal to a wide audience, given that they have appeared on American Idol and have been nominated for Grammys in America. Australia seem to have slotted in as many people's third favourites, although other countries' entries in with a chance include Estonia and Russia.

By contrast, the UK's hopes look slim at best in Vienna. Electro Velvet may not quite gain the infamous 'nil points' but are unlikely to feature in the top half.