Heroes' journey finished in February 2010. NBC confirmed that Heroes was officially ending its run during May's Upfronts. The season finale ended with Claire falling from the Ferris Wheel. She intentionally reveals to the world her secret healing powers.

Aware of this possible outcome, the executive producer Tim Kring pushed for a movie/or a mini-season after the 4th season finale because he didn't feel that it was a satisfying Series end.

With Heroes, NBC had a high-profile huge supernatural hit which delivered outstanding results during the first three seasons, but sadly it obtained low-profile outings in season 4.

Its latest episode has averaged just 4.41 millions. The Milo Ventimiglia's show has started its run with a gripping 1st season which received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Drama, and the series' high was 16 millions. It was one of the huge hits of 2007.

After a stellar season one, the second year was interrupted because of the WGA Writers' strike. The plot got complicated and various storylines were cut or changed. The 3rd season was convoluted and less interesting, with a lot of filler episodes but some highs and the three final episodes of the season with Bryan Fuller's writing felt like the original Heroes. Then, they literally jumped the shark with the 4th cycle, and they got cancelled.

Now Heroes is coming back! Last year NBC announced a reboot of the original series with Tim Kring behind the scenes and some members of the original cast. The new Milo Ventimiglia's Peter is Zachary Levi. The Chuck's star will lead the show along with's Hrg and Masi Oka's Hiro.

Heroes Reborn will air this september. Have a look at the first promotional images and the first trailer of the series.

I can't wait to see what's next for this iconic series of 2000s. New faces, new heroes, new villains.

This epic 13-episodes' new season will air this September on Thursday at 8/7 c on NBC. It will lead to The Blacklist, another NBC hit series which has been moved to Thursday too.